The first All-around team competition podium at the 2018 Trampoline Worlds

SAINT PETERSBURG, 9 November 2018: 
The Chinese team won gold over Portugal and Canada on Thursday evening in the first All-around Team Final at the 2018 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in Saint Petersburg (RUS).

The new All-around Team format unites all four events for men and women - Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-trampoline - with all five teams in the final competing eight routines total. The team totals were calculated based on a point system for the ranking of each event, with the top score on each event earning 5 points and the fifth-best score earning one point.

Chinese charge to first

With three best scores of the night, the Chinese team of Dong Dong, Feng Baoyi, Gao Lei, Jia Fangfang, Tu Xiao, Zeng Linglong, Zhang Kuo, Zhu Shouli, and Zhu Xueying tallied a victorious 27 points. 

Defending world champion Jia brought in the high score in women's Tumbling (full-in straight to full-full straight). In men's Trampoline, Gao outscored the field in the Individual and paired up with Tu to top the standings in Synchro was well.

Zhang, the reigning world champion in men's Tumbling, was only third after one hand touched down on his pass (full in straight, full in straight, full-full straight).

Zhu Xueying earned the second-best score of the evening on women's Individual Trampoline.

Feng and Zeng - China's first Double Mini competitors at a world championships - both performed relatively simple passes for fifth place each, but ultimately made a big impact for China as only teams that entered gymnasts into all events were eligible for finals.

Portugal wins silver

After qualifying in fifth place, a thrilled Portuguese team (Diogo Abreu, Mafalda Brás, Mariana Carvalho, Diogo Carvalho, Pedro Ferreira, Diogo Ganchinho, Nicole Pacheco, Raquel Pinto, and Diogo Vilela) claimed silver behind China with 24 points. 

Abreu (men's Individual), Diogo Carvalho (men's Double Mini), Pinto (women's Tumbling), and Ferreira and Ganchinho (men's Synchro) all brought in second-place finishes to put the Portuguese on the podium.

"We feel amazing," said Abreu, a 2016 Olympian. "It's the first time this team final has happened and second place is amazing for our country and our sport. Especially for me after yesterday when I didn't perform so well, it was good to perform well for the team and to feel that we are all together and helping each other and getting the scores to put Portugal up there. It's amazing."

Canada claims bronze

The Canadian squad of Jason Burnett, Jeremy Chartier, Michael Chaves, Jacob Cranham, Zoe Lynn Hipel, Rosie MacLennan, Sarah Milette, Laurence Roux, and Jonathon Schwaiger won the bronze with 24 points. (In case of ties in the team points, full team scores are used to determine the rankings). 

MacLennan, the two-time Olympic champion, led her Canadian team with the highest score in women's Individual Trampoline, and paired up with Milette for the top score in women's Synchro.

"We're really excited," MacLennan said. "It's the first time that we've had a cross-disciplinary team event, so it was awesome to be able to come together and put out some solid routines and end up on the podium."

MacLennan praised the new team event and the camaraderie it brought to the gymnasts competing together.

"You could really feel the energy," she said. "We were really supportive of each other and cheering each other on, so I think that was the best part."

USA, Russia miss out on medals

Third in qualification, the United States tied with 24 points, but ended up fourth after the full scores were used. Kaden Brown outtumbled the men's competition with two double straights into a triple tuck, and Tristan Van Natta had the top score for women's Double Mini. 

The host Russian squad, second in qualification, had been expected to face off against China for gold in the final. The first Russian performer, Yana Pavlova, committed a costly error by falling midway through her exercise, which automatically ends the routine. Falls also ended the routines for both the men's and women's Synchro teams. Mikhail Zalomin had the top score of men's Double Mini, but it was not enough for the Russians, who earned just 21 points.

Qualifications conclude

Prior to the team final, individual qualification concluded for women's Double Mini, men's Tumbling and men's and women's Synchro. 

Vadim Afanasev (RUS) tumbled to first over Zhang (CHN) and Elliott Browne (GBR). Melania Rodríguez (ESP) qualified first to the women's Double Mini final over Van Natta (USA) and Roux (CAN). 

Tu and Dong (CHN) bounced to first in men's Synchro over defending world champions Uladzislau Hancharou and Aleh Rabtsau (BLR) and Ty Swadling and Dominic Clarke (AUS).

Hikaru Mori and Megu Uyama (JPN) topped MacLennan and Milette (CAN) in women's Synchro, with another Aussie pair, Cassandra Hoare and Claire Arthur, qualifying third.

Competition continues Friday in Saint Petersburg with the finals for men's Double Mini, women's Tumbling and men's and women's Synchro.