Election of YASM Preparatory Committee in Sana'a Chapter

Election of YASM Preparatory Committee in Sana'a Chapter

Photos of the general assembly elections

Election of YASM Preparatory Committee in Sana'a Chapter

The General/Constituent Assembly of Yemeni Association for Sports Media (YASM-Sana’a Chapter) unanimously elected a Preparatory Committee for YASM-Sana’a Chapter on Thursday. The committee is headed by Dr. Saleh Humaid, and includes Yahya Al-Dholee (Deputy Chairman), Mohammed Al-Qaidani (Secretary-General), Ahmed Abu Zeina (Treasurer), Yahya Askaran (Media), Ali Al-Raimi (Public Relations), and Randa Al-Ziadi (Member). The elections were held during the constituent assembly meeting of YASM Sana’a Chapter today, and was attended by a congregation of sports journalists and stakeholders. 
The Preparatory Committee Chairman, Dr. Saleh Humaid, welcomed present YASM-General Assembly members (Sana’a Chapter), representing various governmental and private media institutions, and pointed out that the launch of YASM-Sana’a Chapter constituted a positive step to bring together sports journalists and bring about convergence of views and concerted efforts. He emphasized that YASM was an independent civil society organization and was by no means a substitute for any formal sports federation or any other entity: “The past 18 years have taught us that we, sports journalists, are in need to establish an independent entity that would unite us and defend our rights and issues”.
Humaid referred to the efforts of YASM to develop its statute, pointing out that YASM would remain an umbrella for sports journalists from various institutions, irrespective of political affiliations or partisan sentiments, and would accommodate everyone without exception. “With direct, unflinching support from Mr. Basheer Senan (YASM founding president and AIPS member), we in YASM-Sana’a Chapter will do all we can to serve sports journalists and defend their rights. We should be thankful that we now have an independent entity of our own,” Humaid added, and referred also to the most common problems facing sports journalists, particularly in the context of the current turbulent situation in Yemen and the need to harness everyone’s efforts to achieve progress. “For these purposes, we also need the expertise and efforts of veteran sports journalists to support our mandate and be channeled into the collective efforts of creation and progress of YASM-Sana’a”.
On the other hand, YASM member and representative of YASM president, Sami Al-Amri, delivered a speech praising the efforts of YASM members in general and members of Sana’a Chapter in particular. He highlighted the significance of the formation of Sana’a-Chapter Preparatory Committee and emphasized its capacity to fulfill its mandate and duties efficiently, given its highly qualified and active members. Al-Amri announced a grant of 500,000 Yemeni riyals to Sana’a Chapter, provided by YASM President, Basheer Senan, for the design and implementation of activities and events during the coming period. He also applauded the huge participation in the meeting by sports journalists in the Capital Sana’a, interpreting that as an indicator of media professionals’ thirst to belong to an entity that could represent them and defend their rights and freedoms. “This is a source of optimism and hope for us to work and develop sports media saturated with more professionalism in the future”, he explained.
Al-Amri reviewed recent YASM progress and achievements, pointing out that, since YASM came into existence four years ago, it had managed to thrive and make progress, despite the daunting hurdles and circumstances imposed by the national instability and lack of resources. “Had the national situation been better and more favorable, more progress and development could, of course, have been achieved in terms of YASM statute and components”, he revealed, stressing that YASM managed during the past period to restore Yemeni sports media to its Arabic framework – within the umbrella of AIPS and AIPS-Asia – after a period of about 15 years of stagnation and absence. Al-Amri brought to notice YASM contribution in honoring several Arabic-/Asian-level Yemeni sports journalists, as well as YASM efforts to obtain and distribute AIPS-Asia ID cards to Yemeni professionals, thanks to the great efforts of Sinan, who had a primary role in all that. Al-Amri pointed to the existence of extensive and continuous coordination with AIPS and AIPS-Asia on YASM activities and the upcoming meeting to elect YASM administrative body, confirming the support of AIPS and AIPS-Asia for these efforts.
During YASM-Sana’a Chapter’s constituent assembly meeting, discussion was also opened to sports media professionals to present their observations and suggestions to ensure networking of sports journalists and promote the role of YASM to serve its members and attend to their issues and rights. Members, such as Ahmad Shabara, Hasan Al-Wareth, Khalid Shafal, Tawfiq Al-Musawi and Hassan Al-Baadani, addressed topics related to the objectives and statute of YASM-Sana’a as well as membership and training. Generally, everyone expressed their unfailing support to YASM-Sana’a Preparatory Committee on its plans and activities during the coming period, stressing the need for YASM-Sana’a activities to focus on everything that would serve the members’s interests and rights, especially in training and coaching. It was agreed to set up a group on social media websites to help members communicate with each other and with of the General Assembly, and prepare for and ensure success of the upcoming elections, on par with the success achieved by YASM-Ibb Chapter in their election of a preparatory committee held on 4th October. The meeting was concluded with taking commemorative photographs of YASM-Sana’a General Assembly and Preparatory Committee members.

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