Nepal's sports journalist in attempt for Mt Everest record  Carrying AIPS and AIPS ASIA flag

Nepal's sports journalist in attempt for Mt Everest record  Carrying AIPS and AIPS ASIA flag



Nepal's Sports Journalists Priya Laxmi Karki has set herself in an attempt to become the country's first sports journalist to scale world's highest peak Mt Everest. 
Priya will begin her journey to one of the toughest but a dream task for every mountaineer when she leaves for Solokhumbu region, the eastern part of Nepal bordering China, on April 5 with an expedition team that also includes four other female journalists beside her. 
Priya Laxmi can arguably be the first female scribe, if not the first sports journalist or first female sports journalist, to summit world's highest mountain that stands tall at 8,848 metres. 
Priya Laxmi, a Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF) member, will be carrying with her flags of AIPS and AIPS Asia to represent sports journalists in the continent.
 "It gives me a great privilege to carry the flag of AIPS and AIPS Asia and have them hoisted on the top of the world," said Priya Laxmi.
Among the other journalists in this valiant effort are Rosha Basnet of Rastriya Samachar Samiti, Kalpana Maharjan of Mega TV, Rojita Buddhacharya of NTV and freelance journalists Deuralee Chamling. 
Priya Laxmi is currently associated with News 24, a television channel and has prior experience of working with different media organizations.
The expedition, which has been named as First Women Journalists Everest Expedition (FWJEE), will begin from April 5 and will be expected to reach to the summit between May 12-22. 
The route to Mt Everest, which can be treacherous at times, has to be scaled by the help of experienced sumitteers and only a favourable weather condition can help in the task.
For any individual, reaching to the roof of the world is a daunting task and a lifetime accomplishment.
 "Mt Everest is something that is next to a myth for someone like me who is living an ordinary life in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. 
Going there as an individual itself will be a great memory for me to cherish. And being there as a sports journalist, will definitely instil in me a different sense of pride," she told AIPS ASIA.
While one of the biggest tasks for Priya Laxmi is to accomplish her arduous journey to the Everest, the other involves financial burden as well with the overall cost almost reaching one million Nepali rupees. 
NSJF has already begun collecting funds for assisting in Priya Laxmi's journey through its members from the central office in Kathmandu and other branch offices across the country. 
NSJF leadership said it will be doing all it could to make Priya Laxmi's journey a successful one as it "not only concerns with the organization's pride but also with the overall sports journalism in the region and probably across the world".