PTF to organize 16 national, 3 international events next year

PTF to organize 16 national, 3 international events next year

Source: The News International)

KARACHI, Oct. 7, 2020: The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) will organise 16 national and three international events across the country next year. According to the PTF’s calendar submitted to the Pakistan Sports Board, two Asian under-14 tennis championships and ITF Championship for juniors (G5) will be held in February and April in Islamabad.
The two under-14 Asian events were originally scheduled for April this year but were cancelled due to coronavirus. On the national front, the PTF is to start the circuit with 8th Indus Pharma Championship for seniors and juniors, scheduled to be played in Karachi in January.
The 6th Kulsum Saifullah Khan Championship, 34th Federal Cup, All-Pakistan Junior Championship, and 6th McDonald Championship will also be held in January in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. In February, All-Pakistan Junior Championship and 7th McDonald Championship were to be held in Lahore and Karachi, respectively.
The events that are scheduled in March are: 19th Westbury Championship (Karachi); Service Tyres Championship (Lahore); Subh-e-Nau Championship (Islamabad); Shehryar Malik Championship (Lahore); and Governor Cup (Faislabad).
In April, All-Pakistan National Ranking Tennis Championships will be held in Bahawalpur. The events that are scheduled in May are: SNGPL Championship (Islamabad); 3rd Chairman JCSC Open (Lahore/Islamabad); and Pakistan Open (Islamabad). (Source: The News International)