Sport journalism in the time of corona

Sport journalism in the time of corona

Our sports people in the region have no plans for post-pandemic crisis management; they will stay instead on their defected status. AIPS Asia president Sattam Alsehali

In the time of the current pandemic in which we live in, activities and championships are refrained, and players, coaches, administrators, and referees had their work on pause, and even the audience is missing their favorite spot in the stands. There is only one profession in the sports system that remained working in search of the latest news and topics. The wheel of sports media production has never stopped from the very beginning of the crisis until this moment. The majority of workers in this profession continued to play their vital roles with great bravery in a time where many other professions have fallen off the scene. Proofing that sports media outlets across the world are still providing their services with hospitality and clear success. 
This global pandemic crisis have put all of us media workers in front of great responsibilities to carry out our duties in spreading awareness among all members of society, and to backup and support the government efforts to overcome this crisis, harnessing all powers to cross safely.
From this point, we can say that sports media deserves appreciation for its outstanding performance throughout the current crisis period; this profession asserted its value to the world and its utmost importance for maintaining the communication process between global athletes on one hand and between athletes and their audiences on the other hand.
Therefore, we hope that this profession will witness more attention, care and appreciation in post-corona crisis period from all international, continental and national sport federations; which must work to provide a healthy environment for sports media professionals considering them as an essential and important part of the sports system. 
Sports journalists in many countries in Asia, Africa and South America do not find adequate protection and are subject to many obstacles during their work because sports managers do not pay attention to the risks in which the sports journalist is exposed to; and therefore they do not realize the importance of their role in serving sports and athletes.
By the way, whoever believes that the global sports community will be more open and thriving after coronavirus crisis is dead wrong. I am not being pessimistic, but after reading the series of events and monitoring everything related to the current crisis. Sports after this crisis will need time to recover and sort out its papers again. Our worst fear is taking a longtime to rebound. As it takes wisdom and sophistication from decision makers to manage the sports movement file in a very delicate way in order to rise again, and most importantly to give the sports media proper appreciation.