The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage creates the First “Olympic Agora” in Tokyo

The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage creates the First “Olympic Agora” in Tokyo

The Olympic Movement’s vision to build a better world by celebrating how sport brings us together.

The “Olympic Agora”, a tradition from Ancient Greece, will come to an ultra-modern Tokyo neighborhood for the Olympic Games 2020, thanks to the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, supported by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., the Official Partner of this unique cultural project.
Greek towns had an agora – a vibrant public space where the people gathered to eat, drink, sing, buy, sell, discuss politics and revel in urban life. For Tokyo 2020, the “Olympic Agora” will come alive from 24 April to 16 August in the city’s exciting Nihonbashi district. Here, the Olympic Movement’s link between sport and culture will be on bright display, showcasing the worldwide cultural and social impact of the Olympic Games. This colorful destination will encourage intercultural dialogue, bringing Japan and the world together in both a physical space and the digital realm through social media.
A range of activities and events will welcome the public in a fun and festive atmosphere and bring beloved Olympic treasures to Nihonbashi, the business district that is often called the “center of Japan”, including the torches and medals from past Games. The Olympic Agora, festooned with “Olympic Welcome” banners, will launch with an exhibition dedicated to Olympic Art and Culture at Mitsui Memorial Museum in late April 2020. More exhibitions and special programs will be presented at various indoor and outdoor venues across the neighborhood, all located within walking distance.