The sports medicine society distributes positions to members

The sports medicine society distributes positions to members

Dr. Jamal Muhammad Saleh Abdullah.

MANAMA, August 15, 2020: The board of directors of the Bahrain Society for Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences held their first meeting. It was chaired by Dr. Jamal Muhammad Saleh Abdullah.
The following also attended the meeting: Heba Moamen Muhammad Fadhil Al-Rifi (Vice-President), May Ibrahim Khalifa Matar (Secretary of the Board), Ali Reza Mortada Ghuloom Noushad Karashi (Treasurer), Abdullah Anwar Abdullah Jassim Al-Jowder (Deputy Secretary), Lana Dawn Boldng Peters (Deputy Financial Secretary), Faris Zulfiqar Nooruddin (Member), Rashid Hamid Muhammad Bafuti (Member), Naji Alamuddin and Noor Muhammad Abdullah Janahi (both alternate member). During the meeting positions and committees were distributed among the members.
The following positions and members were decided upon: The Financial Committee: Rashid Hamid; Membership and Development Affairs Committee: Abdullah Al-Jowder; Public and International Relations Committee: Nour Janahi; Continuing Professional Education Committee: Naji Alamuddin; Scientific Research Committee: Faris Nur al-Din.
The president of the association, Dr. Jamal Saleh, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and to the President of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, for their support and patronage for the idea of developing sports medicine in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Mr. Saleh also extended his heartfelt thanks to the Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, His Excellency Ayman Al-Moayad, for his support for the efforts of the Association, whose main goals are to develop sports medicine services in coordination with the competent authorities, in addition to representing Bahrain in relevant international forums, and spreading awareness and the concept of sports preparation before participations, as well as increasing community awareness of the importance of exercise.
It is noteworthy that the Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil Humaidan, issued a decision to register the Bahrain Society of Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences in the register of societies and social and cultural clubs, and the licensing decision came after reviewing all laws, decrees, and regulations pertaining to this framework in addition to the association’s statute.
On the other hand, the Chairman of the Membership and Development Affairs Committee of the Society, Abdullah Al-Jowler, explained that the association’s membership is divided into 3 sections: active membership, participant membership, and honorary membership indicating that the association is open to everyone to join its membership and contribute to its efforts to develop sports medicine.