– The adoption of a clear and explicit institutional administration to facilitate the application of rules, regulations and laws, and to serve the desired development goals within the regional association.

– The rehabilitation of all regional Asian associations, to ensure that they participate in achieving success in an effective and distinct manner.

– Continuous development of media competencies according to the principles and criteria of scientific methodologies, in order to ensure the constant success of their associations.

– Qualifying the second and third row of eligible leaderships, in order they assume responsibility for leadership at various levels.

– The establishment of a clear and explicit system linking the regional associations with affiliate institutions, that focuses on the use of modern technology and optimum utilization of time.

– Ensuring the regional association close understanding of other international institutions based on the continuous exchange of common interests and reinforcement of different ties.

– Moving ahead with the regional association in order to reach an advanced level of services enjoyed by the members, and in line with the exchange policy of services assigned with other associations and participating institutions.

– Ensuring a successful marketing strategy that contributes to the success of different projects and activities of the association, and the reinforcement of various steps to strengthen the rise of goals and ambitions.

“Asia made its press”
For that we write the truth