Aipsasiamedia, March 8

We're still working on reporting for the Pamela Price press conference yesterday in which she announced new charges in an attempted murder case with hate crime allegations.

We're aiming to publish that tomorrow. We went down to look at the court file today to find out more about the case, which slowed us down a bit.

Last night got very busy in Berkeley, with a violent robbery near the Ashby BART station followed by a police chase involving a driver in a stolen truck who rammed a Berkeley police sergeant, authorities told us.

We also got more information about the investigation in San Pablo into yesterday's robberies around campus, which led to a lengthy police chase into CoCo County. Don't miss the updated story below.

There were at least three robberies in Berkeley yesterday (all of which were armed) along with two police pursuits. That's atypical to say the least. Let's hope it's not an indication of a larger trend.

In just a bit, we'll be heading to the Police Accountability Board meeting — it will be the board's first live meeting ever, since the body formed during COVID.

Heads up: There will be no online component of PAB tonight due to technical difficulties, according to the agenda, and the meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. (it usually begins at 6). Perhaps we'll see some of you there.

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Today is also the 12-year anniversary of the killing in Berkeley of Tobias Eagle. BPD has put forward a $50,000 reward they hope will help solve the case.

The latest news

Driver in stolen truck rams Berkeley cop car, flees
The officer was not hurt but the incident was classified as an assault with a deadly weapon, which led to a police pursuit into West Oakland.
Man pistol-whipped during South Berkeley robbery
Police said the man would need to get stitches, although he declined medical transport from the scene.
2 armed robberies in Berkeley lead to police chase on I-80
The armed robberies took place within about 25 minutes near the UC Berkeley campus Tuesday afternoon, police said.
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