TBS Today, May 10

Berkeley now has permanent police and fire chiefs.

We published all the highlights on Twitter last night as they happened. And, as far as we know, we were the only news outlet in the room.

See our thread about the police chief vote. And, for the record, you do not need to be on Twitter to view tweets.

We'll have a story, too, but today was just too busy with the Jasper Wu case continuing and some interesting testimony related to cellphone data and bodycam footage.

As contentious as the police chief item was last night, the Berkeley fire chief item was the opposite.

You can watch the room erupt in applause when Dave Sprague was officially voted into the role.

And you can also watch his speech, which includes his shout-out to his grandfather, a retired Berkeley Fire captain.

Today we published two short items about Berkeley public safety.

We are champing at the bit to do some deep dives, and they are coming!

Today's news

Elderly driver, passenger taken to hospital after Berkeley crash
Both occupants, who are from San Pablo, are expected to survive the collision, the Berkeley Police Department said.
Sex offender charged with making rape threats in Berkeley
David Prendez has been linked to multiple “attacks and sexual batteries on female community members” in Berkeley, BPD says.

In other news

Our dispensary robbery story yesterday was of high interest, so we wanted to share an update.

We heard from CBCB that its bollards have been installed! That's some good news.

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