TBS Today, June 6

Aipsasiamedia had the scoop Monday night with the news that longtime Bay Area news anchor Frank Somerville had been arrested after a family disturbance at his parents' Berkeley Hills home, according to police and community reports.

Other news outlets quickly jumped on the story after we published our article.

Somerville has fallen on tough times in recent years and repeatedly made Bay Area headlines in connection with those challenges.

Frank Somerville was arrested outside his parents' home in the Berkeley Hills on Monday night, June 5, 2023. Ariel Nava Photo

The situation took another turn after Somerville posted bail: He was arrested again in Berkeley in the wee hours of the night, this time on a DUI, police said.

We reached Somerville by email Tuesday afternoon and he described what happened as a family matter. He also disputed that he was drunk Monday evening at the time of his initial arrest.

See our updated story for complete details.

Frank Somerville arrested twice in Berkeley in just 10 hours
The first arrest related to criminal threats, battery, public intoxication and probation violation, BPD said. He was later arrested on suspicion of DUI.

We're also continuing to follow arrests related to Lucas Glassy, a man on probation who has been linked to numerous violent attacks near the UC Berkeley campus.

Homeless man charged with tear-gassing people in Berkeley
Police say Lucas Glassy pepper-sprayed two out-of-town visitors to Berkeley near People’s Park where he lives.

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