TBS Today, Aug. 9

This just in: Police are investigating gunfire at multiple locations across South Berkeley on Wednesday afternoon.

Police believe there may have been "a roving gun battle" in the neighborhood just after 4:30 p.m., according to preliminary information.

No victims have been located but police found numerous shooting scenes.

Here's what we know.

Berkeley police investigate possible ‘roving gun battle’
No victims have been located, but police have located multiple shooting scenes and at least two vehicles damaged by gunfire.

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We also wrote about a homeless man who robbed a downtown Berkeley bank and tried to escape on BART this week — who has a long history of bank robbery convictions, according to police and court records.

Convicted bank robber strikes again in Berkeley — arrested
Alden Moore, 57, served more than 10 years in federal prison after a bank robbery conviction in the ’90s, prison officials confirmed.

And we've updated our story (again) about Tuesday's shooting, where a conflict between vehicle occupants and a pedestrian in a Berkeley crosswalk led to what police are calling a road-rage shooting Tuesday night.

Police say a driver, in a red Nissan Versa, failed to stop for the pedestrian who then kicked the car.

Don't miss the latest details.

Pedestrian escapes injuries in Berkeley road-rage shooting
The gunfire damaged a business on Camelia Street between San Pablo Avenue and 10th Street but no one was hurt, police said.

Now we're running out to a tour of the Berkeley Police Department with some interested community members, assuming tonight's "roving gun battle" hasn't resulted in cancellation.

Stay safe out there!

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Pak Ho robbery-murder trial: DA’s office reduces charges
“He was a neighbor. He was a father. And he was loved,” prosecutor Peter McGuiness told the jury. But, to his killers, he was “an easy mark.”
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