TBS Today, Sept. 19

We've just had another shooting in Berkeley, with a young man taken to Highland Hospital.

Here's what we know. It's a developing story.

Man shot in Berkeley, police investigation underway
A gunshot victim showed up at Highland Hospital. Police found evidence of gunfire at the scene.

We also have an update on Monday's shooting, which involved a tenant and an apartment safety inspector.

Police say the tenant who shot the inspector had requested a repair and given workers permission to enter, authorities report.

"There is a certain level of danger associated with running properties that people don't necessarily understand," the property manager told us Tuesday afternoon. "It’s just something that people kind of overlook when they think about property managers."

Don't miss our updated story.

Berkeley PD: Tenant asked for repair work before shooting
When the victim tried to flee, the tenant followed him into the hallway and shot him, police said, before calling BPD to report an attempted burglary.

If you're wondering about today's smoky skies, BPD says that "The Bay Area is experiencing drift smoke from fires in Northern California and Oregon. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued an air quality advisory and expects the smoke to last through Wednesday."

See the full Nixle alert.

In case you missed it, Saturday's memorial at the Berkeley skatepark was a beautiful tribute to Terrence McCrary Jr.

We also had a report today about a car flipped over at Cedar and MLK around 2 p.m. BPD said it was a solo vehicle crash and that the victim was OK.

A reader who asked to remain anonymous shared the following photo.

We also asked BPD about an apparent break-in at Lululemon on Fourth Street. A reader saw "both doors crushed open, clothes strewn about the floor with [a] guard outside" around 8:30 a.m.

We're waiting for details from BPD, which has been slammed today.

If we learn more, we'll likely share it on Twitter.

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