TBS Today, Oct. 17

Two short crime stories for you today: We have the exclusive on an alleged serial peeper who's been charged with spying on Cal students and also wrote — thanks to watchful neighbors — about a crash on Tunnel Road that began with a police chase in Orinda.

Police: ‘Peeping Tom’ filmed young women near UC Berkeley
Berkeley police said they found 23 videos on the suspect’s cellphone showing five women who had been filmed.
Orinda police chase leads to Berkeley crash, arrest
A neighbor said he was driving down Tunnel Road when he saw the police chase in his rearview mirror. He turned off the road to avoid being hit.

We're still waiting to hear more from Contra Costa County about how the pursuit began.

In case you missed it

Man gets 40 years after rape of girl next door, escape to Mexico
Berkeley police say Omar Sosa Arenal lived next to the 16-year-old girl for two years and had a “clear view to her bedroom.”
14 Karats robbery in Berkeley: Trio held to answer
“The fact that their DNA was found on these items is enough,” Judge Mark McCannon said before making his ruling.

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