Red flag warning in Berkeley Hills this weekend

The city of Berkeley has advised hills residents to "be ready to evacuate," adding, "Everyone should take precautions to prevent fires."

Red flag warning in Berkeley Hills this weekend
Saturday night through early Sunday will be the most critical time period for this weekend's red flag warning. Jeremy Huang

A red flag warning will be in effect in the Berkeley Hills this weekend, from Saturday at 5 a.m. until Sunday at 5 p.m.

That means "warm temperatures, very low humidities, and stronger winds" that are likely to produce "an increased risk of fire danger."

The city of Berkeley has advised hills residents to "be ready to evacuate," adding, "Everyone should take precautions to prevent fires."

Scroll down for weather tips from the city of Berkeley.

"Fast and dry winds" are expected in the Berkeley Hills and forecasts "predict the greatest risk to be overnight Saturday into Sunday morning."

A wind advisory is also in effect, with north to northeast winds of 15-30 mph and gusts of 30-45 mph.

According to the current Berkeley Hills forecast, gusts could be "as high as 31 mph."

Gusts at the highest peaks in the Bay Area could reach 60-70 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

ABC7 described the alert, which covers much of the Bay Area, as the largest red flag warning in two years.

Writing on X (formerly Twitter), the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services advised Berkeley residents to "Leave your phone on. Park off the street to leave roads clear for emergency vehicles. Bookmark Berkeley's Emergency Map."

And the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory wrote that it has asked employees to work offsite this weekend due to "dry conditions and gusty winds starting tomorrow morning."

The National Weather Service urged community members to be prepared and "have an emergency plan if a fire starts near you."

See the full local weather forecast via the National Weather Service.

Berkeley red flag warning resources

Berkeley sent an AC Alert message about the red flag warning shortly after 1 p.m. It included the following tips and resources. They appear below in full with minor edits. See the original advisory.

Help prevent fires

  • Use extreme caution when operating BBQs, power equipment and other heat sources, such as idling cars.
  • Remember that fireworks are illegal in Berkeley and surrounding areas.

Prepare now to increase your control

Wildfires are now more frequent, destructive and fast-moving than ever. Take control before a fire starts.

  • Sign up all your devices for AC Alert
  • Leave your phone on to receive alerts even if you are sleeping. Don’t use "do not disturb" mode during high-risk weather.
  • Find your evacuation zone on Berkeley’s Emergency Map, which will be referenced in AC Alert evacuation messages. (Example: "BER-E044" is Berkeley Zone 44). Learn more about the city’s emergency alerting tools, such as the new outdoor warning system.
  • Put your go-bag by the front door
  • Plan multiple evacuation routes, including two by foot
  • Park off-street: Back your car into your driveway or garage, leaving streets clear for emergency vehicles

Red flag warnings are an early indicator of fire risk. They are not as severe as "extreme fire weather" days, which are rare conditions underlying many of California’s most destructive fires. Learn more on the city's fire weather and evacuation page.

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