TBS Today, March 18

Other news outlets have now reported Berkeley's first homicide of the year — but The Scanner had the scoop Sunday afternoon with timely, accurate reporting that appeared nowhere else.

Woman dead in Berkeley’s first homicide of 2024
Police arrested 23-year-old Gabriella Reimer at 10:45 p.m. Sunday on suspicion of murder, according to jail records online.

We'll share more information about that case as soon as we have it.

We also had an exclusive (short) report today about a Berkeley sex crime investigation focused on a repeat offender who has now been charged.

Berkeley PD: Man hit with sex crime after hounding girl at park
Mark Blackmore asked the girl her age and if “she was fast,” police wrote. He also asked “if she dates grown men” and wanted to be his wife.

In other news

Not all news tips turn into stories: Today we asked police about gunfire reported shortly after midnight near UC Berkeley in the 2400 block of Warring Street.

Officers from BPD and UCPD responded quickly but found no evidence of a shooting.

If you're curious about other Berkeley shootings so far this year, be sure to check out and bookmark our gunfire map, which we routinely update.

Berkeley shootings in 2024: The definitive gunfire map
As of March 18, Berkeley has had seven shootings in 2024 with two men wounded. Last year, no one was wounded until mid-March.

Berkeley police were also dispatched Sunday night to an abandoned car wreck on Grizzly Peak near Centennial that came to rest in a precarious position on top of large logs that seemed poised to slip.

The wreck ended up being outside BPD's jurisdiction, but Berkeley police made sure to alert the relevant agencies about the possible hazard.

We don't have the backstory, but Ariel Nava shared his photos from the scene that showed extensive damage to the blue Toyota Camry, which had paper plates and a shattered rear windshield.

In case you missed it

Suspects held to answer after fatal shooting near UC Berkeley
“This is a preliminary hearing,” the judge said. “You don’t shoot 7-10 times if there’s no intent to kill.”
Fire at THC extraction lab in Berkeley leaves 1 man burned
Arriving fire crews found a worker with second-degree burns, BFD said. His injuries were not life-threatening, a lab spokesman told TBS.

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