TBS Today, March 21

Two families are speaking out this week about the DA's handling of the Angel and Jazy murder case.

The case was filed in juvenile court, but the families have been lobbying for it to move to adult court due to the severity of the crimes.

The DA's office recently informed them that it would remain a juvenile matter, meaning the defendant will be released by age 25, if not much sooner.

"This is the wrong approach," said the mother of a boy who survived the shooting. "To be so lenient on the worst crimes, that doesn't help anything."

Families decry DA’s handling of ‘Angel and Jazy’ murder case
“It feels like it’s not enough,” a cousin said. “You killed two of my family members and you are getting what feels like a slap on the wrist.”

In other news

BPD shared a booking photo today from Sunday's homicide case. We've added it to the story.

Berkeley woman charged with fatal stabbing of her mother
The Alameda County DA’s office charged Gabriella Riemer on Wednesday morning with the murder of 60-year-old Heather Riemer.

In case you missed it

Violent crime in Berkeley rose 15% in 2023
Crime levels are “returning to or surpassing pre-pandemic levels,” with increases across nearly all major violent and property crimes, BPD said.

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