TBS Today, April 30

Today's story: An Alameda County jury has convicted Keith Asberry Jr. of a heinous Berkeley sex crime from 2008 and a hot-prowl burglary from 2015, the DA's office announced Monday.

The DA's office left out some key information from its press release, but we've filled in the gaps.

Jury convicts Keith Asberry Jr. of Berkeley rape, kidnapping
In 2008, Asberry forced a teenage girl near Berkeley High into her car at gunpoint and then raped her, the DA’s office said.

Otherwise, we've been in downtown Oakland since 1 p.m., first at a press conference for the recall where there was also a counter-protest by Pamela Price supporters; then watching the Board of Supervisors meeting that began at 2 p.m.

The board is slated to certify the recall petition signatures today — and then has about two weeks to schedule the recall election, which could happen between July 30 and November.

The general election in November would be the cheaper option, but recall proponents say the decision can't wait.

We've been listening to public comment for almost two hours, and the board is expected to vote after that on the certification.

We do plan to write a story once the meeting ends, but there are dozens of speakers to go before the scheduled vote.

You can follow our thread on X if you have an X account.

Lots of recall supporters and Price supporters turned out for this meeting.

The recall folks are asking for the election as soon as possible. They say they followed the rules the registrar of voters gave them, that DA Price is too lenient on crime and that justice is not being served.

(View the brief video on X.)

Price supporters are saying the process so far has been illegal, in part because the registrar of voters should have counted the signatures faster under the county charter.

There are also allegations of campaign finance violations by the main political action committee funding the recall. The state FPPC is looking into it.

We'll share more information about the recall and what happens today as we have it.

In case you missed it

Berkeley murder case on hold pending psych eval
Gabriella Riemer has yet to enter a plea in the case because she has been in a medical facility, according to court papers.
Felons with gun, drugs arrested near UC Berkeley campus
During a car search, a UCPD officer found an unserialized Glock-style handgun “protruding out from a hidden compartment,” police wrote.

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