Berkeley election results: Downtown council seat (5PM)

Berkeley election results: Downtown council seat (5PM)
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The current standings for Berkeley's District 4 City Council seat show Igor Tregub with 52% of the vote and Rubén Hernández Story with 48% after Wednesday's ranked-choice votes (RCV) were tallied.

Counting will continue into next week for ballots postmarked by Election Day.

The ROV has not released a schedule for subsequent updates.

The district has about 7,500 registered voters. During the last special election for the downtown seat, about 2,600 votes were cast.

As of about 5 p.m. Wednesday, about 2,200 ballots had been tallied.

They broke down as follows: Igor Tregub (30%), Rubén Hernández Story (28%), Elana Auerbach (23%) and Soli Alpert (19%).

The standings before RCV tabulations. ACROV

Hernández Story stayed in second place when Alpert and Auerbach were eliminated through the ranked-choice tabulation.

See the detailed ranked-choice results as they're posted.

Stay tuned for updates.

NOTE: D4 is a ranked-choice race, meaning candidates are eliminated from the bottom, and their votes redistributed, until someone gets more than 50% of the vote.

"If no candidate receives a majority of the first-choice votes cast, an elimination process begins. The candidate who received the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated. Next, each vote cast for that candidate will be transferred to the voter's next-ranked choice among the remaining candidates. This elimination process will continue until one candidate receives a majority and is deemed the winner."

Read statements from all four candidates.

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This story was updated as new information became available.

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