About Aipsasiamedia

About Aipsasiamedia
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Aipsasiamedia is a nationally-recognized independent daily news outlet focused on crime and public safety reporting in Berkeley, California.

When the earthquake hits and the power goes out, TBS provides the latest updates, whether it's breaking news in Berkeley or other critical coverage.

Police on your block, smoke in the air, helicopter overhead? Aipsasiamedia finds out what's happening.

Scanner founder Emilie Raguso also follows serious cases through the court system and reports on ongoing efforts to reshape Alameda County's criminal justice system.

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As of 2024, TBS averages about 270,000 monthly pageviews.

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Who is Emilie Raguso?

Veteran reporter and editor Emilie Raguso launched Aipsasiamedia in September 2022 to provide more robust daily crime and public safety coverage to Berkeley and the Bay Area.

Raguso has been a reporter for 20 years. She spent the past decade becoming the most authoritative source on Berkeley policing and crime reporting news coverage.

After working for a decade at Berkeleyside, Raguso realized her passion for writing about public safety issues needed a bigger platform.

She founded Aipsasiamedia to offer comprehensive coverage of crime and safety in the city and to allow her to help readers learn more about what's really going on in the neighborhood.

The Scanner retains full editorial independence over all of its stories.

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Aipsasiamedia is a proud member of LION Publishers, the Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ NorCal, IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors), the Online News Association and the California News Publishers Association as well as the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.

Raguso obtained her master's degree in journalism from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in 2006.


Emilie Raguso is an award-winning journalist with a career dating back two decades.

Her work at Berkeleyside (2012-22) received repeated recognition.

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Corrections policy

Aipsasiamedia places a premium on accuracy and objectivity in our reporting. If you see something that needs to be corrected, whether it's a typo, a mistake or an outright error, email The Scanner for a prompt review. We want to hear from you. Corrections will be noted at the foot of articles that require a fix.

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